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 JUSCO acquires MSW project at Kollam, Kerela


Solid waste management has become a major environmental issue in India. For ensuring sustainable solution to this problem, MSW-Mgt & handling Rules 2000 were enacted with obligatory requirements for improvement in MSW management infrastructure in cities across the country. Taking an early initiative, JUSCO has put in place the expertise and skills to strategise, devise and design the blueprint for excellent Waste management for the city of Jamshedpur.

JUSCO has been offering integrated solutions to Municipal Waste Management. The services in Municipal waste comprise of:

  • Waste Transfer- Secondary collection and Transportation
  • Transfer Station Management
  • Composting
  • Engineered secured landfills
  • Landfill Capping
  • Integrated Waste Recycling and Reclamation
  • Recycling of Municipal and specialized wastes

The above projects are taken on various aspects of project management viz. EPC, Turnkey Basis, BOOT, BOT, DBOOT,
O&M etc.

JUSCO's Public Health & Horticulture Services integrate environment sanitation, disease prevention and control and horticulture. Together, these services promote a healthy life for the citizens by ensuring that civic needs do not stretch the environment and ensures one of the lowest incidences of communicable diseases in India. In the last 5 years, 5.15 million trees have been planted to maintain the ecological balance. The Company follows an integrated approach in the delivery of quality services which are regular, efficient, state of the art & are at affordable cost.

Services offered

  • Environment Sanitation
  • Disease Prevention and Control
  • Horticulture Services
  • Veterinary Service

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