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Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) Power Distribution Integrated Township Management Operation & Maintenance Real Estate
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Reduce unnecessary packagingReduce the amount of unnecessary packaging

  • While selecting between two similar products, select the one with the least unnecessary packaging. This reduces waste generated from packaging.
  • Bulk buying of rice, flour & other non perishable food items help in reduction of packaging waste generation.
  • Demonstrate your responsibility by carrying own bag, while going for shopping.

Reduce domestic carbon emissionsReduce domestic carbon emissions

  • Consider using low-energy compact fluorescent lamps rather than incandescent ones for less replacement & reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Share vehicles and use public transport system for reduction in carbon emissions & to achieve fuel conservation.
  • Share newspapers and magazines with others to extend the lives of these items to save forest & natural resources

Reuse bags, containers, and other itemsReuse bags, containers, and other items

  • Save and reuse gift boxes, ribbons, and larger pieces of wrapping and tissue paper. Save packaging, colored paper, egg cartons, and other items for reuse or for arts and crafts projects at day-care facilities, schools, youth facilities, and senior citizen centers
  • Reuse newspaper, boxes, packaging "peanuts," and "bubble wrap" to ship packages. Brown paper bags are excellent for wrapping parcels
  • Do not reuse containers that originally held products such as motor oil or pesticides

Composting-Way of Waste recycling & Healthy Living

  • If you have a yard, allow mown grass clippings to remain on the lawn to decompose and return nutrients back to the soil, rather than bagging and disposing of them.
  • Establish a home vermi composting / pit composting system for garden waste & kitchen waste.
  • Use home generated compost for cultivation of kitchen garden for organic food supply for healthy living.

Waste Reduction AwarenessCreate awareness on Waste Reduction

  • Share information about source reduction, recycling, and composting with community.
  • Encourage source reduction, recycling, and composting programs for yard trimmings in the community
  • Establish environmental clubs at schools  to provide environmental education and to teach about source reduction, recycling, and composting among children
  • Where appropriate, encourage the use of reusable, recycled, and recyclable materials in the workplace
  • Encourage the use of efficient, long-lasting equipments

Be creative - Find new ways to reduce waste quantity and toxicity

  • Turn used tires (not steel-belted) into children's swings or other playground equipment.
  • Select nontoxic inks and art supplies.
  • Conduct paper audit at schools for identification of paper use reduction.
  • Use electronic communication with people for paper use reduction.
  • Use fountain pen for writing as compared to ball point pen for waste reduction.
  • Use LED light for low power consumption & long charging cycles at night
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